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Why asbestos import still poses a threat

Is asbestos currently posing a threat to your business? If you’re like most Australian companies, you’ll say “no”. After all, you don’t use asbestos-contaminated products these days – nobody does, and they don’t even make them anymore, right? Well if you import any goods into the country, you’re at risk. Here’s what the law says… Read more »

Mechanics are increasingly at risk of asbestos exposure

Asbestos is not a commonly used material in Australian products, but it was popular in the sixties to the eighties, and its effects still impact people to this day. While construction workers have been identified as the most affected by asbestos-related conditions (due to the popularity of asbestos as a building material in the past), an… Read more »

Fire And Asbestos: A Deadly Combination

A number of properties were evacuated in Glasgow, Scotland, in March 2018 after a fire broke out in the city centre. A firefighter told reporters that the fire had started in the roof of commercial premises and that the smoke contained asbestos. Mask-wearing emergency services directed people away from the area. In Australia in the… Read more »

Why Even Secondhand Exposure To Asbestos Can Be Deadly

Asbestos has been in the news in the UK recently, with a 2018 article describing how an Essex woman died of asbestos-related mesothelioma after washing her husband’s work clothes for years. His clothes had become impregnated with raw asbestos fibres while he was working in the London Docks in the 1960s. His wife breathed in… Read more »

If asbestos is banned, then why is it still a problem?

Australia is one of 55 countries that currently bans asbestos, but don’t let that fact lull you into a sense of complacency. The ban, which was only fully implemented in 2003, represents the starting point of a journey towards safety that is still in progress. Asbestos-related diseases didn’t stop or taper off with the ban…. Read more »

Dealing with asbestos…at the beach

Concerns surrounding asbestos are often focused on the home, but the issue can crop up in many other places too – including the beach. Warnings were initially raised about the condition of the beach boxes in Dromana, where photos showed corrugated asbestos roofs in a deteriorated state. This has prompted an extensive audit of all… Read more »