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The Most Common Places Where You Might Find Asbestos In Your Home

For those of us living in houses that were constructed before 1990, it is an unfortunate fact of life that there is a good chance of the presence of asbestos in our homes. This doesn’t mean that you should dread the idea of renovations or other construction projects for your home, in fact – all… Read more »

Why You Should Rather Hire A Professional Asbestos Removal Company

For construction companies in Australia the danger of asbestos is nearly ever present, as many houses and other buildings constructed up until the 90s may have had some form of the mineral used during construction. For that reason, it is incredibly important to contact a reputable asbestos removal company the moment you suspect your site… Read more »

Home Asbestos Removal: What Are The Facts?

If you asked most modern homeowners if their homes where safe and free from asbestos, they would say “yes”. However, there’s a good chance that this isn’t true. While Australia is one of 55 countries that currently bans asbestos, it still poses a risk to the population. Here are some facts worth knowing about asbestos… Read more »

Asbestos in Old Houses – The Most Common Hiding Places

The presence of asbestos in Australia is an unfortunate fact of life. This is because the harmful mineral was used as a common construction material from the 1940s all the way to the 1980s. If your house was built during this time, you might have to be on the lookout for asbestos. In this post,… Read more »

Discover The Ultimate Answer To Eradicating Hazardous Materials

Recently, Multiplex invited leading Australian organisations GBAR Group and Coffey, who provide world-class environmental safety solutions and hazardous material remediation services, to help train their workforce in NSW. The result was a unique and highly effective training course that helped to educate and train their tradesmen and tradeswomen about safely dealing with hazardous materials. The… Read more »

Managing And Controlling Asbestos In The Workplace

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment is one of your responsibilities as a business owner. While eliminating obvious hazards is easy and straightforward, invisible ones such as the presence of asbestos are more difficult to identify and eliminate. If you’re a small business owner and you suspect that you might be dealing with this… Read more »

A Guide To Contaminated Land For Australia

As a business with working with land in Australia, you might have to deal with contaminated land at one point or another. It’s important that you’re aware of your responsibilities (in terms of dumping and disposals) as well as rights (as a third party or property buyer/seller) so that you remain on the right side… Read more »

Does Your Tradie Adhere To WHS Regulations? What To Look Out For

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Last month was Safe Work Australia’s National Health Month for all tradies across Australia, and we thought it was a good idea to give you a quick rundown of the most pertinent facts that were highlighted during the month, so that you can have a better understanding of the best health and safety practises when… Read more »