Your Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Asbestos on a Construction Site

Attention: Construction and Project Managers

If your company carries out demolition or renovation works on older buildings (pre-1990), then there is a high probability your employees could come into contact with asbestos.

Many asbestos-containing materials still remain in place throughout Australia and construction industry workers are among those who are most at risk of being exposed to these dangerous building materials.

To help you reduce the risk of your employees being exposed to asbestos, we’ve created this free step-by-step guide to “Managing Asbestos on a Construction Site” Reference Card you can download, print, and use on site.

It outlines the steps your employees need to take to ensure everyone stays safe if asbestos is discovered during demolition or renovation works, including:

  • Where asbestos is typically found on a construction site and what materials could contain it
  • What to do if they think they have discovered asbestos
  • And why they must never try to remove asbestos themselves


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