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The NSW Mould Removal & Mould Remdiation Specialists

Looking for expert mould removal in New South Wales? You're in the right place. GBAR Group is New South Wales's most trusted choice for mould removal and remediation services. With more than 30-years of industry-experience and a long-list of satisfied clients in the residential, industrial, civil engineering and commercial industries, we know how to remediate and remove mould safely and efficiently from your property.

Our team of mould removal professionals address water related problem at the source. Mould doesn't have to be an ongoing treatment that requires constant maintenance. When done correctly, mould treatment services provide a permanent solution to damp surfaces around your New South Wales property.

With more than 30 years of experience across a range of property types and conditions, our mould removal team have seen just about every water related problem you could think of. Some of the most common mould problems that we treat in New South Wales include bathroom mould removal, ceiling mould removal, removing black mould and eliminating the causes of mould in the buildings, structural drying of buildings and the removal and replacement of water damaged building materials.

We are committed to providing the best mould removal services in New South Wales at an affordable price. Every mould remediation project that we complete is carried out to the highest standard to ensure that mould is not an ongoing issue at your property. Do it right the first time with GBAR Group's expert mould removal services that catch the problem at the root of the cause.

Why Choose GBAR Group for Mould Remediation in New South Wales?

National Reach
Nationwide reach and resources. Safe and reliable mould removal services carried out by our team of highly trained and experienced mould removal professionals.
End to End Support
We'll be there for every step. Our team of mould removal specialists in New South Wales will handle the entire project from start to finish.
Commercial & Residential
We work with individuals and businesses in a commercial and industrial capacity. Private or commercial – we handle mould removal at every scale.
Safety First
Work with a company who values safety and sustainability. Safety is paramount in every mould removal job that we carry out in New South Wales.
Local Resources
With staff and resources all across New South Wales, GBAR Group is able to respond quickly and efficiently to your mould removal requirements.
Transparent Pricing
We deliver fair and transparent pricing for all of our remediation and removal services. We offer assessments & quotes across New South Wales.
Diverse Portfolio
We are the preferred mould removal contractor of the construction, commercial, industrial, government and education sectors.
Licensed Professionals
Our team of remediation professionals are licensed in New South Wales, Queensland, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, NT and Western Australia.

Our Approach to Mould Removal in New South Wales

We approach each New South Wales mould removal project with an unwavering attention to detail and care. Our friendly and understanding team of mould remediation specialists have the experience, industry knowledge and practical background to handle the treatment and elimination of mould in a range of commercial, industrial and residential settings.

Whether you are an individual looking to remove mould from your property or you're a large business in the government and education sector looking for large scale removal, we make it our priority to safely and efficiently remove mould in New South Wales. Our specialists are fully qualified and trained to handle all types of mould remediation jobs across the New South Wales region.

We provide our clients with a wide range of services including black mould removal, mould removal from carpet, mould removal from walls, residential mould removal, industrial and commercial mould site evaluation and removal in New South Wales - just to name a few. Our industry experience across a wide range of projects mean that we can conduct mould removal in a timely and efficient manner – leading to less downtime and less inconvenience for our clients.

Mould does Our mould treatment, remediation and removal process is geared towards finding the root cause of the problem – not a Band-Aid solution for it. We're not only concerned with cleansing your property of unsightly mould, we also want to ensure that air borne contaminants are permanently removed to guarantee that the air quality of your New South Wales property is not compromised.

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Do you need Mould Removal? GBAR Group is a nationwide company with experience in removing friable and non-friable asbestos, lead dust and paint abatement, and remediation of contaminated land. Contact us today, and remove the risk!

The New South Wales Mould Remediation Process

Our approach to mould removal and remediation in New South Wales is consistent at every scale of project that we undertake. Prior to commencing work, it's important to establish the root-cause of the microbial problem so that we can treat the issue where it starts – not just where it shows.

During the assessment we can determine the extent of any damage or contamination at your New South Wales site to assist you in quantifying the risk of microbial contamination. We will then advise you of remediation processes and provide rectification options as well as liaising with Occupational Hygienists to provide verification that remediation works have been completed to an appropriate standard.

The cost of mould removal in New South Wales will be determined by a number of key factors including the state of the property, the degree of damage and the time and resources that are required to completely fix the problem. Our highly trained and experienced team works on a diverse range of microbial removal and remediation projects that include water damage restoration, structural drying, moisture assessments and mapping, mould remediation, pre-remediation inspections and airborne and surface testing for bacteria.

GBAR Group's mould and microbial restoration team in New South Wales conduct restoration and removal projects to the strict standard set out by the internationally recognised Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards such as ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration and ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide (IICRC R520) for Professional Mould Remediation.

The GBAR Group Difference

GBAR Group is a nationally recognised hazardous waste remediation and removal company specialising in mould removal across New South Wales. From the first phone call to the final clean-up, we deliver an end-to-end solution for mould remediation in New South Wales that takes care of the entire process. We assess, remove, and remediate dangerous and hazardous materials to ensure that your property is free from mould.

Our specialist operatives are rigorously trained and tested to complete mould remediation correctly so that the attendant risks are minimised as much as possible. We assess your site, assist you in identifying, measuring and quantifying the risk of hazardous materials. Once we know what we're dealing with, we can provide a free quote for your project.

For more than 30-years we have been working with a range of clients in the domestic, civil engineering, construction, commercial, industrial, government and education sectors. Our intricate, industry-leading knowledge of mould means that we are the trusted advisor to hundreds of homeowners and risk management professionals on the handling and treatment of hazardous materials. We also have an insider's knowledge of the hazardous waste insurance industry to assist with claims relating to hazardous material removal and remediation claims.

Our industry knowledge and national network means that we have to capacity to mobilise teams of highly trained mould remediation professionals to complete jobs right across New South Wales. We are able to respond quickly and thoroughly to projects right across the state. When you notice a problem with mould, we're ready to respond.


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