GBAR Group Exhibit at the Sydney Building Expo

GBAR Group recently attended the Sydney Build Expo held at the Hordon Pavilion in Moore Park, Sydney. Even with the inclement weather there was a high attendance of personnel from across the construction industry and beyond. It was also good to see many young TAFE students in attendance. Many were particularly interested in asbestos and how it would impact their future trades. There is often an asbestos knowledge gap between these younger generation of future trades people and this could potentially be an issue in the future. It has long been disused, even argued, that there is a requirement for more robust training for young apprentices in regard to hazardous waste and Sydney asbestos removal. As always, GBAR Group are always a phone call away for these young future trades people, and will always take their call if they have any questions on the industry, rather this than another apprentice added to the asbestos exposure register!
Sydney Build Expo

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