Managing and Controlling Asbestos in the Workplace

Creating and maintaining a safe working environment is one of your responsibilities as a business owner. While eliminating obvious hazards is easy and straightforward, invisible ones such as the presence of asbestos are more difficult to identify and eliminate. If you’re a small business owner and you suspect that you might be dealing with this problem, here’s what you should do to manage and control it before it causes a bigger issue.


While only a ”competent person” can actually identify the presence of asbestos, if you have reasonable belief that the material is present on your site, it’s always better to be safe than sorry – so err on the side of caution and give us a call to help you arrange for an inspection. It’s critical that you don’t do any of your own investigations until then, or enter/disturb the area where you suspect asbestos until the areahas been cleared. The biggest risk factor to look out for is if thebuilding was built prior to 31 December 2003 or was constructed using materials dating back to before this date.


If an area is found to contain asbestos but has been left undisturbed then the risk is low. It might even be recommended that you leave it alone if its risk of becoming airborne is minimal. In this case, your removalists will help you put together a plan of action for future inspections covering what to do should exposure occur and how to maintain the threat. Remember to consult your Brisbane or Sydney Asbestos removalist if you plan on undertaking refurbishments or demolitions.

On the other hand if an asbestos material is in a poor condition and poses a potential risk, immediate control measures may be necessary to minimise the potential risk..


In most cases where asbestos is found in a workplace, it will be eliminated by the team or if this isn’t possible sealed off or enclosed, so it can’t reach anyone. Where necessary, warming labels and signs might be required.

If you have partnered with an expert removal company then you’ll be able to deal with any asbestos related problem without very little mess or fuss.

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