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NSW Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal

Are you looking for expert hazardous waste disposal services in New South Wales? You're in the right place. GBAR Group is New South Wales's most trusted choice for chemical waste removal and remediation services. With more than 30-years of experience and a long-list of satisfied clients across the commercial, residential and industrial sectors, we know what it takes to dispose hazardous waste safely and efficiently.

The widespread, indiscriminate use of hazardous waste materials by the Australian construction industry towards the end of the 20th Century means that hazardous waste materials can be found in a range of locations on your property – many that you would not expect. If your New South Wales property contains hazardous waste materials, it is essential that you have it assessed to ensure the safety of those on your property.

We approach each Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal and disposal job in New South Wales with the highest level of diligence and care to ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the health and safety of your property's occupants. Our end-to-end service means that we take care of the entire hazmat disposal process from the initial assessment right the way through to the final clean-up.

We are committed to providing the best hazardous waste disposal service in Australia – at a fair and affordable price. Every New South Wales hazmat disposal and removal project is carried out in accordance with the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice, and all relevant state and territory legislation is closely followed to ensure that no one is at risk of asbestos exposure.

Why Choose GBAR Group for Hazardous Waste Disposal in New South Wales?

National Reach
Nationwide reach and resources. Safe and reliable hazmat disposal services carried out by our team of highly trained and experienced hazardous waste disposal professionals.
End to End Support
We'll be there for every step. Our team of hazardous waste disposal specialists in New South Wales will handle the entire project from start to finish.
Commercial & Residential
We work with individuals and businesses in a commercial and industrial capacity. Private or commercial – we handle hazmat disposal at every scale.
Safety First
Work with a company who values safety and sustainability. Safety is paramount in every hazmat disposal job that we carry out in New South Wales.
Local Resources
With staff and resources all across New South Wales, GBAR Group is able to respond quickly and efficiently to your hazardous waste disposal requirements.
Transparent Pricing
We deliver fair and transparent pricing for all of our remediation and removal services. We offer assessments & quotes across New South Wales.
Diverse Portfolio
We are the preferred hazardous waste disposal contractor of the construction, commercial, industrial, government and education sectors.
Licensed Professionals
Our team of remediation professionals are licensed in New South Wales, Queensland, ACT, Victoria, South Australia, NT and Western Australia.

Our Approach to Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal in New South Wales

We approach every New South Wales hazardous waste disposal project with an unwavering attention to detail and care. Our experienced and friendly team of hazardous material remediation specialists have the experience, industry knowledge and practical background to handle a wide range of hazardous waste and contaminated land remediation projects.

When materials are deemd to be 'hazardous' by the relevant state or territory legislation they need to be removed, it is essential that they are disposed of properly and according to regulatory requirements in New South Wales. GBAR's experts have an enviable reputation and record of neutralising hazardous materials (HAZMAT) waste, such as lead materials, PCB oils and synthetic material fibres in a responsible and accountable manner.

Whether you are an individual looking for residential hazardous waste disposal from your property ahead of home renovation work, or you're a large business in the government and education sector looking for large-scale contaminated land remediation work, we make it our priority to safely remove hazardous waste in New South Wales. Our specialists are fully qualified and trained to handle all types of hazmat related jobs across New South Wales.

We provide our clients with a wide range of services including asbestos roof removal, asbestos tile removal, commercial asbestos removal, asbestos disposal, residential asbestos removal and asbestos site evaluation in New South Wales - just to name a few. Our industry experience across a wide range of projects mean that we can conduct Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal and disposal in a timely and efficient manner that means less downtime and inconvenience for our clients.

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Do you need Lead Pcbs Smf Removal? GBAR Group is a nationwide company with experience in removing friable and non-friable asbestos, lead dust and paint abatement, and remediation of contaminated land. Contact us today, and remove the risk!

New South Wales Hazardous Waste Disposal Process

Our approach to hazardous waste disposal in New South Wales is the same at any scale. Prior to removing and disposing of any hazardous waste materials, we first need to establish what we are dealing with. During the evaluation process, GBAR's Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal contractors will conduct a thorough inspection of the site to establish what work needs to be carried out. If we suspect that hazardous waste materials are present, we can arrange for testing to be carried out prior to any work taking place.

The cost of hazardous waste disposal in New South Wales will be determined by a number of key factors that include the state of the hazardous waste (whether it is in a friable or non-friable state), the condition of the hazardous waste being removed, the location and structural integrity of the materials, the ease of access when removing the material, the proximity of your property to your nearest disposal point in the New South Wales region. An initial inspection of your property allows us to provide you with an accurate breakdown of timing and costs for your Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal project.

Safely removing hazardous waste from your Gold Coast property is a long-term investment in the health of the building's occupants. Working with an experienced Lead, PCBs & SMF Removal company in New South Wales means that you can rest assured knowing that your job has been completed in thoroughly and in accordance with the highest health and safety considerations.

Handling and disturbing hazardous waste materials without the proper safety precautions will come with serious health concerns for both you, and those around you.

The GBAR Group Difference

GBAR Group is a nationally recognised hazardous waste remediation and removal company specialising in hazmat removal across New South Wales. From the first phone call to the final clean-up, we deliver an end-to-end solution for hazardous waste remediation in New South Wales that takes care of the entire process. We assess, remove, and remediate dangerous and hazardous materials to ensure that your property is free from hazardous waste.

Our specialist operatives are rigorously trained and tested to complete hazardous waste remediation correctly so that the attendant risks are minimised as much as possible. We assess your site, assist you in identifying, measuring and quantifying the risk of hazardous materials. Once we know what we're dealing with, we can provide a free quote for your project.

For more than 30-years we have been working with a range of clients in the domestic, civil engineering, construction, commercial, industrial, government and education sectors. Our intricate, industry-leading knowledge of hazardous waste materials (hazmat) means that we are the trusted advisor to hundreds of homeowners and risk management professionals on the handling and treatment of hazardous materials. We also have an insider's knowledge of the hazardous waste insurance industry to assist with claims relating to hazardous material removal and remediation claims.

Our industry knowledge and national network means that we have to capacity to mobilise teams of highly trained hazardous waste remediation professionals to complete jobs right across New South Wales. We are able to respond quickly and thoroughly to projects right across the state. When you notice a problem with hazardous waste, we're ready to respond.


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