Mould Removal Costs Sydney

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Mould removal is crucial to maintaining the safety and integrity of your property. Commonly found in warm, dark places, mould can grow just about anywhere both indoors and outdoors and is relatively prevalent in Sydney properties.

Feeding directly from high levels of moisture and low levels of ventilation, mould bacteria can start to grow in areas that are warm, humid and damp and will reproduce by making spores. Living in or around a mould-infested space can trigger nasal congestion, sneezing, coughs, wheezing, respiratory infections and worsen asthma and allergic reactions.

Generally, if you can see or smell mould bacteria, it needs to be removed and cleaned up to avoid negative health effects. Furthermore, it’s essential to remove mould bacteria to prevent damage to the surface it has grown on. The longer mould grows on a surface, the more harm it can cause. At the end of the day, it’s not safe for your health or your property to live with mould. So, the big question is, how much does mould removal cost in Sydney?

why you need to remove mould from your property

Mould Removal Costs Sydney: What’s Involved?

Cleaning mould can be conducted domestically or by a professional – it all depends on the extent of the mould growth and what the property owner wants to achieve with the removal process. If you find that your property is suffering a significant mould growth problem, professional removal services will work to physically remove the spores, treat the area, and put prevention methods in place to stop the bacteria from coming back.

Cleaning the mould yourself may be an option if the mould bacteria is relatively new, small, and does not pose a threat to the safety of your property. However, DIY mould removal is generally advised against as it is difficult to entirely remove spores without further contamination, and depending on the type of mould, direct exposure without protective gear can be toxic and dangerous.  

When you work with a professional mould removal team, they will not only physically remove the mould spores, but also take the time to address the cause of the bacteria growth and put prevention steps in place. Mould professionals are licensed and skilled tradesmen, much like your local electrician or plumber. They are professionally trained and specially qualified for mould removal and remediation services. Mould removal is an essential service prioritising the health and safety of your property – paying for mould removal means relying on a professional to keep your property safe.

The Mould Removal Process

Mould is a living organism known as fungi, and is actually present at low levels almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors. When it grows and spreads in large clusters on surfaces, mould exposure becomes dangerous. Mould has a distinct musty odour and will present as green, grey, brown or black spots and groups.

Mould only grows when there is sufficient moisture. When mould begins to grow, the first step is to address where the moisture is coming from and how the moisture build-up came to be. On residential properties, mould will commonly grow in parts of the house that get wet or have poor ventilation, such as:

locations that mould is found around the home
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Cupboards and corners
  • Windows and windowsills
  • Walls and ceilings

Areas that are prone to condensation, humidity, leaking pipes, poor insulation and limited ventilation are a breeding ground for mould bacteria. A professional mould removalist will take the time to work out why the mould is growing, where the moisture is coming from, and why the area is lacking ventilation.

After establishing the source of the mould growth, the mould professionals will seal off the infested area to prevent further contamination. Mould removal will generally entail a filtration, removal, and cleaning process that uses specific filtration equipment designed to trap mould spores. Depending on the scope of the project, the mould specialist may need to physically remove and discard of porous building materials such as drywall, insulation and baseboards that are damaged from the bacteria.

Following the physical removal of the mould, the professionals will remediate the affected area using antimicrobial chemicals to clean the area before an encapsulation treatment process. Sealing off the contaminated area prevents the re-growth or spreading of any mould spores.

Finally, the mould removal process will address the cause of the problem. A specialist mould removal team will take the time to address any moisture, humidity or ventilation concerns to prevent the mould from growing elsewhere. Identifying the cause of indoor mould growth is the key to keeping your property safe, healthy, and inhabitable in the future.

How Much Does Mould Removal Cost in Sydney?

Mould removal Sydney costs can vary from company to company and will mostly depend on how much mould is present and the condition of the mould. For the purpose of providing a general price bracket, mould removal costs Sydney can range from $500 to $4,000 – inclusive of mould inspections and remediation. However, there are a few factors that will ultimately determine the cost of mould removal in Sydney.

Factors Influencing Mould Removal Costs Sydney

factors impacting the cost of mould removal in Sydney

Scope of The Mould Growth

Two of the most significant contributing factors to mould removal costs Sydney will be how much mould actually needs to be removed, and the area that requires remediation. The mould problem itself will quickly determine the scope of work and the appropriate mould removal Sydney costs involved. Large contaminated areas will naturally cost more than the rate for smaller infestations, and the materials infected will also come into play when it comes to mould removal Sydney costs.

Type of Mould

Believe it or not, there are over 100,000 different mould bacteria types. While most varieties of mould are generally harmless, there are a few species of the fungi that have the potential to be toxic for humans. Furthermore, the type of mould being removed will determine the removal process, safety equipment required and the treatment process. The type of mould in your property will be one of the largest determining factors for mould removal Sydney costs.

Location of Mould 

Mould is often found in places that are difficult to access, making the mould removal process more challenging, and therefore, more expensive. Mould removal professionals may require special equipment for those hard-to-reach spots and will have to exert more labour to ensure these spaces are treated – this will increase the mould removal costs Sydney.

Keep Your Property Safe

If you suspect your property is contaminated with mould, having it inspected and removed immediately is crucial. Mould has the potential to cause significant health concerns and compromise the structural integrity of your house. Living with mould is not safe. If you’re still wondering “how much does mould removal cost in Sydney?”, you need to first consider the mould problem you are facing and how it can be managed.

The first step to keeping your property safe from mould bacteria is to have it inspected by a team of professionals like GBAR Group. GBAR are a fully qualified, experienced and fuss-free removal servicing team that are expert leaders in mould removal and remediation. While DIY mould removal may seem like a cheap alternative, professional mould removal will ensure the job is done correctly the first time around. Don’t run the risk of putting your property in danger – call the Sydney mould removal professionals at GBAR Group Australia.

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