FAQ Term: Asbestos

Can GBAR Group undertake asbestos inspections?

No, GBAR Group only remove the material, although we can provide details of multiple qualified (“competent”) persons to assist you with asbestos inspections.

Will I have asbestos in my home?

If your home was constructed before the 1980’s it is likely that there will be some asbestos used in your home’s construction.

Am I at risk if there is asbestos in my home?

Potentially yes, asbestos becomes a risk if it is in a poor condition, aged, weathered or if it is disturbed as there are greater changes of the asbestos fibres becoming airborne and inhaled.

How quickly can I get my asbestos removed?

Most asbestos removal work required to be notified to the state regulator, as such there is a week’s minimum wait before removal works can take place.

How much will it cost to remove asbestos?

The cost to remove asbestos all depends on the amount, the type and the location. Although not always necessary, GBAR would usually visually inspect the material to be removed prior to providing a quotation.